Residential Airparks – Flying High in the Real Estate Market

The United States real estate market has taken a whipping; therefore have numerous markets in Canada. One sector of the realty market that has remained reasonably constant is the luxury real estate market. Luxury purchasers have the tendency to stay untouched by small ups and downs of the economy, and continue to pay countless dollars for the best home. In specific, sales of airport properties-or houses with access to personal or public runways are continuing to hold strong. In truth, domestic airparks can offer among the best property financial investments out there.

Developers throughout North America have  been reporting that costs for airpark houses have not  dropped at all, in spite of the depressed economy. A testimony to their strong resale value and high desirability, airport residential or commercial properties continue to offer well.

If you’re offering an airport home, it is essential to keep in mind that these houses usually rest on the marketplace for almost two times as long as conventional homes. This is because they become part of such a specific niche market that couple of people have the ability to purchase them. Although sellers of these specialized homes need to be patient, they generally get near complete asking cost when they close.

Purchasers who search for houses with personal garages and runways are rather enthusiastic about flying, and take pleasure in the distinct way of life that a fly-in neighborhood can offer. These airparks are typically beyond the stress of the city streets, and are the home of broad open areas, outdoor entertainment, and wildlife. The way of life in an airpark is normally rather relaxing.

In addition, purchasers take pleasure in having the ability to reside in a place where their neighbours share the exact same interest in air travel as they do. Homeowners can share suggestions and flight stories, and help each other out with mechanical problems. There is a level of friendship in these neighborhoods that is tough to find anywhere else.

Aside from the shared love of aircrafts, property airparks also use homeowners’ complacency. Since September 11th, commercial flight has become complex and sometimes frightening. With a personal runway at your doorstep, you can fly to Vancouver, Moncton, or Toronto at a minute’s notification.

You’re also able to make sure that the aircraft itself is safe from vandals and burglars, and with your very own garage on-site, you can do repair work and provide your aircraft a wash at any time you like.


When searching for a property airpark to reside in, make sure to analyze each neighbourhood’s set of guidelines, or Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R s). These will inform you if there are any airplane limitations, guidelines about property upkeep, and who manages the runway.

It’s a smart idea to find an airpark where most of property owners are pilots. If there are great deals of non-flyers in the area, they might aim to modify the focus of the neighborhood, and your runway might be developed into a putting green.